Wedding day signs include welcome signs, seating charts and seating cards, and a myriad of other fun signs that we’ll explore. Signs add interest, help direct your guests, give them information and are just plain fun.

Seating for the bride’s family and friends on one side and the groom’s on the other is outdated, and a sign to remind people to sit anywhere lets your guests know you want friends and family of both sides to mingle.

Wedding day sign Wedding Day Seating Charts

A beautiful welcome sign puts your guests at ease and makes them feel welcome. It can also be combined with a seating chart.

A seating chart makes it a cinch for everyone to find their table, and assures that no guests end up sitting at a table alone.

Many couples are opting for bar signs with their signature drinks on them to encourage their guests to try their favorite drinks on their wedding day.

Wedding Day Signs for Drinks, Cocktails and an Open Bar

Other reception signs show where the gifts table and guest book are located, # sign for posting to social media, and, my favorite, the “Love Story” sign – giving a quick chronological list of the journey from first meeting to the wedding day. Some couples prefer not to have anything posted to social media until they post themselves, and will have a sign requesting no images posted before they do.

Couples have so many choices when it comes to wedding day stationery and signage. Do lots of research to figure out what you would like to have for your wedding day, both for the ceremony and the reception. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact me. 760-550-0184